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Honda Cars Get Expensive By Up To Rs 22,000 – Amaze, Jazz, City, and WR-V

Citing the rising input costs, Honda Cars India has increased the prices of its all cars except the fourth-generation City sedan. Here’s take a look at the model-wise revised price lists of all Honda cars: –

1. Honda Amaze

The Honda Amaze has received a price hike of Rs 5,000 across its variant lineup. The sub-4m sedan now costs from Rs 6.44 lakh to Rs 11.27 lakh (ex-showroom).

Petrol Variants

Amaze PetrolOld PriceNew Price
E Rs 6.39 lakhRs 6.44 lakh
S Rs 7.23 lakhRs 7.28 lakh
S CVTRs 8.13 lakhRs 8.18 lakh
VX Rs 8.29 lakhRs 8.34 lakh
VX CVTRs 9.12 lakhRs 9.17 lakh
Honda Amaze petrol variants price list

Diesel Variants

Amaze DieselOld PriceNew Price
E Rs 8.73 lakhRs 8.78 lakh
S Rs 9.33 lakhRs 9.38 lakh
VX Rs 10.32 lakhRs 10.37 lakh
VX CVTRs 11.22 lakhRs 11.27 lakh
Honda Amaze diesel variants price list

2. Honda Jazz

JazzOld PriceNew Price
VRs 7.72 lakhRs 7.78 lakh
V CVTRs 8.81 lakhRs 8.94 lakh
VXRs 8.41 lakhRs 8.47 lakh
VX CVTRs 9.41 lakhRs 9.47 lakh
ZXRs 9.05 lakhRs 9.11 lakh
ZX CVTRs 9.96 lakhRs 10.09 lakh
Honda Jazz price list

Honda has increased the prices of the Jazz premium hatchback from Rs 6,000 to Rs 13,000, depending on the variant.

3. Honda WR-V

Honda WR-V prices

Petrol variants

WR-V PetrolOld PriceNew Price
SVRs 8.83 lakhRs 8.88 lakh
VXRs 9.89 lakhRs 9.89 lakh (unchanged)
Honda WR-V petrol price list

While the asking rate of WR-V’s base-spec petrol trim has gone up by Rs 5,000, its top-spec petrol variant remains unaffected by the price hike move.


WR-V DieselOld PriceNew Price
SVRs 10.84 lakhRs 11.03 lakh
VXRs 11.86 lakhRs 12.08 lakh
Honda WR-V diesel price list

The prices of Honda WR-V diesel variants are now up by up to Rs 22,000.

4. Fifth-gen Honda City

Honda Cars Price list: 5th-generation City

Petrol Variants

City PetrolOld PriceNew Price
V Rs 11.23 lakhRs 11.29 lakh
V CVTRs 12.63 lakhRs 12.69 lakh
VX Rs 12.69 lakhRs 12.75 lakh
VX CVTRs 13.99 lakhRs 14.05 lakh
ZX Rs 13.68 lakhRs 13.74 lakh
ZX CVTRs 14.98 lakhRs 15.04 lakh
Honda City petrol price list

Diesel Variants

City DieselOld PriceNew Price
V Rs 12.83 lakhRs 12.89 lakh
VX Rs 14.19 lakhRs 14.25 lakh
ZX Rs 15.18 lakhRs 15.24 lakh
Honda City diesel price list

All the variants of 5th-gen Honda City have received a uniform price hike of Rs 6,000. Interestingly, this development has taken place just a few days before the arrival of City Hybrid (e: HEV).

Though the carmaker has updated the asking rates for almost its entire lineup, you can still beat the increased prices by availing the monthly offers available on all Honda cars this April.