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Ford India Expansions Into EV Software Development

In 2021, Ford India announced its departure from the Indian market. Despite this, there’s now speculation about its return, and in the midst of this buzz, its software development division is now embarking on a growth trajectory. Currently, Ford Business Solutions has a workforce of around 12,000 individuals at its Chennai facility. Now, the company has announced that it will recruit an additional 3,000 employees over the next 2-3 years to focus on developing applications for Ford’s global EV platforms.

Mike Amend, Chief Enterprise Tech Officer at Ford Motor Company, has announced this news. The other findings from Mike Amend’s statement are as follows: –

  1. Ford Motor Company is constructing and designing new manufacturing lines for electric vehicles in Chennai.
  2. These manufacturing lines will use VR/AR technology to model and simulate assembly line flow.
  3. The focus is on manufacturing Ford’s new EV platform.
  4. Ford is investing in EV-related capabilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.
  5. Other areas of investment include customer relationship management, digital commerce, data analytics, cybersecurity solutions, and general software development.
  6. Ford has invested roughly $250 million in its Chennai facility in the last five years and will continue to invest in cloud engineering, software reliability engineering, development engineering, and building advanced platform capabilities in Chennai in the coming years.
  7. Ford is also developing a cloud-based commerce platform that will allow consumers to engage with dealers for parts, accessories, merchandise and more.

In other news, Ford is rumoured to be strategizing a comeback to the Indian market and is reportedly in discussions with the Tata Group regarding a potential joint venture (JV) for operations in India. Head here for more details.