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Best Tyre Inflators for Car, Motorcycle, Cycle or Footballs

We all love useful accessories for our cars, Motorbikes etc. One such useful accessory is Tyre inflator. There are multiple reasons why we should keep Tyre inflator with us always. Some of them are:

  • Tyres should always have the correct pressure in them.
  • Most of the Tyre pressure gauges on public Fuel stations etc. are badly calibrated. You will be lucky to find a working and calibrated one.
  • They are useful in case of puncture or if you want to reduce tire pressure to come out of any sandy situation.


So which are the best Tyre inflators or Air Compressors available in the Indian market right now?


I have used many Air Compressors over time. But there are 2 which makes sense to me.

Mi Portable Air Compressor and TUSA Digital Tyre inflator.

MI Portable Air Compressor:


MRP: Rs 3499. The last Discounted price on was Rs 2499. Best Buy Link.



  • Very portable.
  • Rechargeable via USB 2.0.
  • No need for a 12V socket.
  • Can fill the air in 8 Motorcycle Tyres or in 4 Car Tyres.
  • A LED on top for visibility at night.
  • Good Build.
  • Auto Cut Off feature.


  • Takes 3 hours to charge, Can’t use while charging.
  • Takes time to fill Air in Car tires. Expect 12-15 minutes for a MINI SUV tire.
  • Comes with just 3 months Warranty.


TUSA Air Compressor:


MRP: Rs 3499. Currently available on Amazon in Just Rs. 2799. Best Buy Link



  • Powerful and Fast. Not as much as the Fixed one we see at Fuel stations.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty and 1 Year free extension if you register the product on TUSA's website.
  • Good LED light as well.
  • Simple Operation. Good length of Wire leading to 12V socket.
  • Auto Cut Off.

TUSA best car tyre air compressor


  • Works only via 12V, No USB option.
  • No inbuilt Battery.
  • Not much useful for Motorbikes due to weight (1KG+) and lack of an Inbuilt Battery.


Mi Air Pump for Motorbikes

Both the Air Compressors seems very useful and durable. TUSA is one you should go if you happen to use Air Compressors often. Mi Portable Air compressor is very logical for bikers.