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Bajaj To Soon Launch CNG Bikes; Patent Images Leaked

The automobile industry is constantly evolving, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness. In this pursuit, Bajaj Auto is gearing up to introduce CNG-powered bikes. Recently leaked images of the patent document reveal some exciting details about the upcoming Bajaj CNG bike and how it will transform our way of commuting.

  • As per the leaked image, the upcoming Bajaj bike will utilise a perimeter frame that accommodates a long CNG cylinder tank between the upper braces of the frame. The CNG tank extends to approximately halfway under the seat.
  • The patent images also reveal a smaller petrol tank on the side portion of the bike, which can be used when running out of CNG. However, the conventional placement of the petrol tank might be substituted with a storage compartment.

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Bajaj CNG bikes technology
  • There’s also a noticeable space between the CNG tank and the engine, which is likely to keep the CNG tank well-insulated from the heat.
  • Reports also suggest that this setup can be used for bikes with wheels ranging from 14 to 18 inches in diameter.
  • Since the primary purpose of the CNG bikes is to lower the running cost, we anticipate that Bajaj will incorporate this powertrain into its budget-friendly bike lineup, such as the Platina and CT series.
  • Bajaj might develop a new engine for CNG compatibility or modify its existing engines to run on CNG efficiently since the injection process and air ratios differ for both gasoline and CNG fuels. However, the combustion process is identical for both.

The CNG-powered motorcycles will pile a valuable niche, bridging the gap between gasoline and electric motorcycles by offering both eco-friendliness and lowered operating expenses.

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