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Ather Rizta: Exciting New Details Unveiled Ahead of Launch

Ather Energy’s CEO Tarun Mehta has unveiled fresh details about the upcoming Rizta family scooter and other updates for the Ather lineup. This announcement precedes Ather Community Day 2024, slated for April 6.

Here are the key highlights from the revelations: –

  • Tarum Mehta has announced that the Ather Rizta will feature a massive seat, along with a big storage space.
  • The new electric scooter will come equipped with a USB charging port and a smart accessory, which will be the first for the brand. Although the exact details haven’t been disclosed, it’s speculated to be either a smart helmet to enjoy uninterrupted and safe connectivity or a wireless charging mobile holder. Ather’s co-founder, Swapnil Jain, has also announced that you may stand a chance to win it for yourself.
  • Ather will also introduce an OTA update called “Ather Stack 6”, which will add a couple of new functionalities to the cooter, including messaging on the dashboard. Furthermore, Ather will also introduce a new mobile app.
Ather Ritza EV

Worth Reading –

Ather Rizta – What Other Details Do We Have?

Based on the spy shots, the Ather Rizta will have a conventional scooter-like design with minimal cuts and creases. It will feature a flat floorboard extending to the sides, serving as a pillion footrest. The EV is anticipated to feature foldable side footrests on the left, conventional pillion grab handles, alloy wheels with disc brakes, an LED lighting system, and a non-touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and navigation support. Click here for more details.

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