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Ashok Leyland At Auto Expo 2023 – BEV, FCEV, Hydrogen Vehicles and More

Today, Ashok Leyland, the country’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, showcased seven advanced mobility solutions at the Auto Expo 2023, including electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

1.       Battery Electric Vehicle (BEVs)

2.       Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEVs)

3.       Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle

4.       Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Vehicle

5.       Intercity CNG Bus

6.       A mini-passenger bus

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): Ashok Leyland’s BOSS Battery Electric Vehicle, designed for a green, sustainable world, is full of opportunities. It runs on a battery that powers the motor that drives the vehicle. This vehicle uses a Lithium ion battery – which is charged externally. To provide payload advantage, this vehicle comes with lightweight design.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV): Ashok Leyland’s Fuel cell electric truck is powered by Hydrogen. In the fuel cell, atmospheric oxygen along with hydrogen produce electricity, that powers the power electronics and further the motor that drives the vehicle. This vehicle uses a Lithium ion battery, with an external charging provision, to run as a limited battery vehicle. To ensure maximum safety, this vehicle comes with Leak Detection System.

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle (H2-ICE): The HICEV – Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle, is powered by a renewable and clean energy source, Hydrogen. The sustainable vehicle, coupled with advanced technology, is powering a safer and smarter future. H2-ICEs are similar to conventional combustion engines and only a few tweaks are made to convert them to run on hydrogen. This vehicle is equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) for enhanced vehicle and road safety.

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Liquefied Natural Gas Vehicle (LNG): Ashok Leyland leads the curve by introducing the unique dual-fuel vehicle, Liquefied Natural Gas Vehicle that runs on LNG and CNG. Its smart and sustainable fuel system propels us toward a prosperous and greener future. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles works similar to gasoline-powered vehicles with a spark-ignited internal combustion engine. The natural gas is super-cooled and cryogenically stored in liquid form in a tank mounted on the truck. LNG is typically preferred in heavy-duty vehicles to meet longer range requirements.

FCEV, H2-ICE, and LNG are built on the AVTR Modular Vehicle Platform and incorporate the majority of the sub-aggregates from successfully running current diesel vehicles that are proven for performance.

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Intercity Compressed natural gas bus (13.5 CNG bus)Ashok Leyland’s 13.5 m intercity CNG Bus (4X2), the longest bus in the segment, runs on India’s most powerful turbo charged CNG Engine. In this vehicle 1500 Liters (255 kg) of CNG fuel is stored in light weight composite cylinders which are safely mounted over the frame and has a range of approximately 1000 kms. The 13.5 m bus comes with a maximized luggage space of 11 cubic meters, highest among the CNG buses, and also offers 20% higher passenger capacity with 36 berths, highest in the segment.

Bada Dost Xpress (Powered by compressed natural gas – CNG)Bada Dost Xpress, a mini passenger bus that prioritizes environment, comfort and performance. Powered by the next generation engine, this vehicle is ideal for both city & highway driving. Designed ergonomically to seat 12 passengers, Bada Dost Xpress redefines passenger comfort with easy entry and exit. The grab rails, safety handles, and anti-skidding flooring make walking inside the passenger saloon safer and easier. With optional features of A.C. and Vehicle tracking system (VTS), Bada Dost Xpress is sure to deliver superior performance for profitable operations.